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Choose from our extensive range of Finishes, or alternatively we can create custom finishes to suit your requirements. For bespoke finishes please contact us and provide images and details from which sample boards can be created.

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Venetian, Marmorino, Italian Natural Plasterers & Tadelakt Applicators Berwick

Venetian plaster was first used during the height of the Roman Empire but gained its name when it enjoyed a resurgence in popularity during the Venetian Renaissance. Since then the many different forms and finishes of Venetian plaster have all had their moment in the sun, from elegant Marmorino, to polished and carved styles that mimic solid marble or other stones. 

Although many innovations have been made over the years, Venetian plaster still uses lime and marble dust as a base. With this mix our team of natural plasterers create walls Berwick locals love, in an array of colours, finishes and patterned designs.

Perhaps you admire the raw stone look, but want a style closer to Moroccan Tadelakt? Our Tadelakt applications can be tinted with natural hues or rich jewel tones.

From concrete finishes to oxidised or verdigris styles, Renaissance Décor can use Venetian plaster to completely transform walls, ceilings, and even floors.

Most mixtures display natural waterproofing and antibacterial properties; making Venetian plaster the ideal choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and even external walls. With the possibilities for using Venetian plaster in place of tiles, paint, and flooring, you can have a seamless look that visually enlarges any space. 

Would you like to know more about the effects that can be achieved with this style of natural plasterer’s walls? Berwick locals who have been searching for a helpful team of Italian plasterers ‘near me’ can call us on 0468 326 303 to talk to a member of the Renaissance Décor team. You can also follow us on Instagram @renaissancedecormelbourne. 

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