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Choose from our extensive range of Finishes, or alternatively we can create custom finishes to suit your requirements. For bespoke finishes please contact us and provide images and details from which sample boards can be created.

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Venetian, Marmorino, Italian Natural Plasterers & Tadelakt Applicators Clyde

Venetian plaster dates back to the Roman period and enjoyed a resurgence in popularity during the renaissance period in Venice. Even after all this time, and countless innovations in building and decorating, this natural product made primarily from marble dust and lime continues to be one of the best finishes available.

Do environmental concerns drive you to consider natural plasterer’s walls? Clyde locals will find that Venetian plaster provides environmental benefits in more ways than one. This natural product is extremely hardwearing, even when used externally and in high traffic areas.

Venetian plaster was so popular in Venice because of its naturally water-resistant and antibacterial, anti-algae properties. If this plaster can withstand the rigours of a city built out at sea, then it is definitely a smart choice for public spaces, including restaurants and bathrooms.

If you admire traditional looks such as Tadelakt or Marmorino plaster then we can guide you through the range of colours, styles and finishes available. Novacolor’s Tadelakt range is popular for an earthy, stone look, while homeowners wanting to enhance the sense of light and space in a small room often opt for elegant Marmorino plaster. Clyde home and business owners alike love the cloudy aesthetic of this ancient plaster that adds life to any space. 

If you have been searching for a team of dedicated Italian plasterers ‘near me’, then you can call the Renaissance Décor team on 0468 326 303 or visit us at our showroom seven days a week.

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