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Choose from our extensive range of Finishes, or alternatively we can create custom finishes to suit your requirements. For bespoke finishes please contact us and provide images and details from which sample boards can be created.

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Venetian, Marmorino, Italian Natural Plasterers & Tadelakt Applicators Patterson Lakes

Dating back to Roman times, but enjoying a resurgence during the Venetian Renaissance, the wonder of Venetian plaster that Patterson Lakes locals can appreciate is that this natural combination of marble and lime displays features that many modern plaster mixes still cannot surpass.

Mudbrick or limewashed looks might come to mind when you think of natural plasterer’s walls. Patterson Lakes locals will find that they are not limited to a rustic look when they choose natural plaster but can opt for almost any style and colour combination to suit their tastes.

For example, Marmorino plaster gives Patterson Lakes homes or businesses a sophisticated air, with its polished satin finish. Tadelakt plaster, on the other hand, can be used to achieve a rustic look or be applied in rich jewel tones to mimic the beautiful Tadelakt interiors of Morocco.

Traditional Tadelakt requires a labour-intensive application that is worthwhile because of the impressive finish; however, you don’t need successive layers and specialised stone Tadelakt applicators. Patterson Lakes locals can enjoy Tadelakt-style walls in a fraction of the time, with our plaster that features the same water-resistance and beauty of traditional Tadelakt.  

When searching for skilful Italian plasterers ‘near me’, Patterson Lakes locals can get in touch with the Renaissance Décor team. Call us on 0468 326 303 for advice or a quote, and follow us on Instagram @renaissancedecormelbourne.

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