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Choose from our extensive range of Finishes, or alternatively we can create custom finishes to suit your requirements. For bespoke finishes please contact us and provide images and details from which sample boards can be created.

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Venetian Plaster Rye

Committed to installing authentic Venetian plastering throughout the Mornington Peninsula, Renaissance Décor import the crushed marble products we use directly from Italy. Expertly mixed, our Venetian plastering leaves a beautiful finish on our client’s walls and ceiling, giving interiors a timeless and beautiful appearance that will add class to homes of all shapes and sizes.

Allow your home to express itself thanks to the stylish and timeless interior design improvements on offer from Renaissance Décor. With 20 years of experience designing and installing flawless and bespoke Venetian plaster, Rye homeowners who want to update the condition and appearance of their property are encouraged to speak to our team today.

Concrete Finishes for Bathrooms, Feature Walls, and Fireplaces in Rye

One of our favourite plastering options, that continues to gain in popularity year after year, is the stylish range of concrete finishes imported from Novacolor in Italy. With this finish, you can easily enjoy the look of concrete for your bathroom, kitchen or fireplace, and the finish can be applied over most surfaces just like ordinary plaster, so nothing is set in stone – you can change the style whenever you wish.

At Renaissance Décor it is our desire to deliver a higher standard of service and satisfaction to our Rye and Melbourne customers. Our knowledge and our passion combine to deliver a plastered surface that is highly resistant to water (when sealed) and fire damage, as well as being resistant to mould growth, making it a safer and healthier option for homeowners to consider.

To find out more about Venetian plaster, Rye residents can get in touch with us on 0468 326 303.

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