2019 Key Interior Trends by Renaissance Décor Melbourne


The team at Renaissance Décor love the excitement a new year brings as it means fresh new ideas and trends announced by key interior design experts, which we can then translate and adapt to suit our venetian plaster finishes.

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Renaissance Décor Mount Eliza is a team of qualified Italian Plasterers who service the Mornington Peninsula and City. Working closely with our Italian partners Novacolor we directly import the best and finest Venetian Plaster product from Italy which can be used internally, externally and often within Wet areas to create a beautiful, handcrafted, unique, modern look in homes.

Top 5 initial 2019 Key Interior & Venetian Trends

Trends 01

Something that lasts for a lifetime & Traditional over Modern

A trend that sums up peoples attitudes in this current climate. Changes to the environment and our world, wanting everything to be more durable and last. Also from a design prospective the traditional trend being stronger than modern. Mixing colours and prints are also important for home furnishing trends this year and pushing boundaries. For us at Renaissance Décor Melbourne this is all music to our ears. Prints, texture, colours clashing or tonal are all what we do best. Having one of our hand crafted Stencil artwork walls within your home could create this look. Its Romantic, Traditional yet new, warm, cosy and as every venetian plaster product it will last for a life time.

Trends 02

Metallics & Gold Highlights

Metallics never seem to go away. Being extremely key last year also in the form of Rose Golds and Coppers. 2019 however sees the rise of Gold again being important especially in furniture and accessories such as kitchen hard ware. This year we say good bye to cold Silvers and Chrome looks. Everything is getting warmer. We offer a wide range of Metallic finishes which can be produced in any color and can create space in a room by reflecting light. These luxury finishes can make an area look rich and elegant effortlessly. If a whole Metallic feature is too much try a highlight adding Glitters or Metallic waxes to textured veins within your plaster. Also liquid Gold paint which looks fantastic within panels or stencils.

Trends 03

Black – Especially Bathrooms

Possibly one of the most important colors this season. We want Black everything, Walls, Cabinets, furnishings, trimmings. Luckily for us Venetian Plaster looks fantastic in Black whether its Mirrored, Flat or textured. We love Black as it never dates and is sexy. Within Bathrooms back with White porcelain it looks fantastic.

Trends 04

White Everything

Where there is Darkness there is light. Not sure this trend has ever gone away but this year we are seeing solid White areas and already have clients requesting entire houses in Mirrored White Venetian plaster finishes. Totally beautiful, elegant, fresh and seamless.

Our venetian plaster Novacolor finishes come in Pure White shades unlike some of our competitors. Pure White Wall finishes or even Bathrooms look amazing we highly recommend.

Trends 05

Warm Neutrals

And Hallelujah we say here at Renaissance Décor HQ. After years of Grey tones and finishes dominating our portfolios its time for change. We are sampling already soft Stone and Taupe tones for clients. Key designers predict a trend in Natural wood floorings, ceilings and furniture again. Warm Neutral shades on walls look fantastic back with wood. We have a large library of Neutral shades to choose from which look wonderful in Natural Plasters such as Marmorino.

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