Design and Decor Show Melbourne 2019 – 2020 Key Design Stories Overview

Snap Shot of the three key trends that will take the interior world by storm in 2020
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An Overview of the key themes that will dominate the interior world next year was covered by Scarlett Optus a trend Forecaster from the Uk, at the Design and Decor show Melbourne,July 2019. The Trend Overviews are as follows, watch this space next week for a detailed Blog on the key Venetian Plaster finishes that can be applied by Renaissance Decor Melbourne, using Novacolor products that work back within each of these key themes.


Img 7151[1]

The Game Changer colour pallet above consists of Blues, Soft Pinks, Green and warm Bronze, Silver also being important again.

The Game Changer is a mind set, one that we all must adopt. Eco Focus, Address pollution, re-use Plastics to create new,re-use waste, re-cycle. This look will play a key part in the World trade fair which happens in 2o20. Board images for Game Changer below, images show companies re-creating waste, vegetable paper, plastic woven into thread, plastics and glass used to make furniture and work tops.


Img 7149[1]

Satori – The Colour pallet for Satori shows Indigo which is the new BLACK. Soft Pach Blossom, Aged Gold, Gravel Grey, Jade Green and calm lilacs.

This story has a Japanese influence with everyone looking to them as a country for influence.

The story means to loose meaningless things in your life, focuses on nature, discusses how modern life is confusing and complex and over whelming and this is why you must create a Retreat in your home, live by discipline, contentment, and carve this out for yourself. Its Natural and Calm. Satori Boards images below, show japanese print influence, stencils and Natural plasters for walls and the use of Gold and Metallics, aged.

Img 7150[1]

Fellow ship, the fellowship pallet is bright and fun. The key colour within this pallet is the Ultra Marine Bright Blue and spicy tones with Mustard as an accent colour.

This is an African influenced look, it celebrates community, Ethics at its core, decision making within your community, bringing people together, a melting pot of cultural influence. It is a clean and non rustic look, celebrating colour and Fabulous prints and texture. It is a Global Outlook. Images on the Fellowship boards are below.


2020 Interior Design Trend
Img 7117[1] Satori - 202 Interior Design Trend
Img 7113[1] Satori Board, Prints, Gold influence and Indigo
Img 7112[1] Satori Board
Img 7121[1] Wabi Sabi a huge influence
Img 7118[1] Satori Print
Img 7126[1] Fellowship Boards
Img 7129[1]
Img 7128[1] Fellowship Boards
Img 7127[1]
Img 7130[1] Fellowship Boards
Img 7137[1] Game Changer Mood Board
Img 7138[1] Clean Oceans - plastic free
Img 7139[1] Plastic content Wool
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