Feature Bedroom Wall Ideas – Venetian Plaster Melbourne

An Overview of Bedroom Feature wall finishes which can be produced in Venetian Plaster and Decorative Paints.
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I see so many posts on interior sites people asking for inspiration to cheer up a bedroom. They attach images and start discussing adding shelves, portraits, new lighting! STOP. If you have a bland wall in your room why not create a timeless feature wall using Venetian Plater. We have endless finishes and ideas for feature walls, from marbled looks, textured Stones, Concrete looks, Metallic covers, stencils and patterns, Colour washing, Mirrored finishes and all of which can be produced in any colour you wish.

Here at Renaissance Decor we provide a personalised service, we work closely with the customer to achieve what they want by meeting, sharing images, boards, re-creating a look on a sample board. We love Pinterest so don’t hesitate to offer up ideas. With a wide range of brochures containing colours and textured swatches we are an interior designers dream.

I have attached some of my favourite Bedroom Feature wall images courtesy of Novacolor and Pinterest. For more information on our work dont hesitate to call us on 0468-326-303 or email images and information to info@renaissancedecor.com.au

Swahili Metallic Finish with a textured look but Flat surface feel. Available in any colour this beauty is called Swahili
F69cd9513b285a4e8bfd72ffa8dca3a1 A Modern Grey Venetian Plaster wall. This look can be re-created in a number of products such as Marmorino or Concrete by Novacolor. This can soft to touch or texture can be added. Available in any colour.
1903160951180 News Broken Nature2 The feel of Glass. This is Mirror, breath taking and beautiful and timeless. Wonderful in any colour from Neutral to vivid Teal. This is shiny and reflects
764c3711559248fc64d566478393f0e7 Aged Provence looks. These walls are traditional yet look new. Can we re-created using a combination of Venetian Plaster products and Colour washed with paints.
D6baee94a8a7da9cd0d6f88bb407d07c So Cool and Industrial.Can we re-created using a combination of Venetian Plaster products and Colour washed with paints.
Ombre Effects Ombre looks - This product is called Dune, Decorative Paint by Novacolor. Love this Blue Ombre effect - Any colours available
Novacolor Calcecruda Intonachino Still 01 0029 Copy Aged and Beautiful Stencils - This is a artwork and fantastic and warm. This product is Calcecruda, mixed with Colour wash paints and stencils.
Img 9375 Contemporary, Industrial Concrete by Novacolor
Pure Metal Stencils And Colour Wash Pure Metal. Yes it is actual real Metal amazing to touch. This finish has stencils and colour wash also. Available in Metallic colours only and colour wash in any tint.
Archi And Big Why not have some Ship lap in your room. But its not real wood, its created by Plaster stencils. Again any colours available although Neutrals highly recommended. How beautiful and it lasts longer. This product is called Archi & Big by Novacolor
Our wall finishes are hand crafted and unique, everyone will look slightly different as some are a work of art. For more information contact Renaissance Decor Melbourne 0468-326-303
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