Everyones talking about ‘Seamless Bathrooms’

Seamless Bathrooms are becoming very popular. This look is created by using Venetian Plaster by Novacolor, Italy's Innovators.
Mar 12, 2019 Share

Over the past few years Renaissance Decor have seen a huge increase in Venetian Plastered Bathrooms/Wet areas. These are now our most popular projects. There is increasing demand in  seamless Bathrooms. An area that has continuity, sometimes even Wall2Floor, a rustic but modern feel with no ‘Grubby’ grout lines and easier cleaning all round. At first a lot of people didn’t get it, but of course its genius, easy and grand. And the fantastic opportunities that this product offers is that it can even go over ‘Old tiles’ if a client can’t afford or wishes to not remove them. There are so many beautiful finishes also that can be used in Bathrooms from Metallics, to Concrete Industrial, to Aged Provence. Its exciting and New yet it looks aged and original. We have both our bathrooms finished in Venetian and its so easy to wash down with a natural soap once a week whilst cleaning, unlike my tiled floor which I have to scrub with a mop and steam the grout lines to keep them clean. This is revolution and the way forward. Novacolor are the innovators of Venetian Plaster are constantly coming up with new finishes, ideas, sealing systems even an anti slip product which changes its formation when wet to protect you from slipping over…. I have attached some of our favourite Bathroom images to this Blog to share with Renovators for ideas. If you are interested in understanding more about these products please feel free to contact Renaissance Decor. We are based in Melbourne. If you are in another state Novacolor  have fantastic teams in all Australian states that can help you. Just let us know and we will pass you onto those who can help.



Black Bathroom Beautiful Bathroom, walls coated in a Black Venetian Plaster by Nova color
45641510 282396442399734 4109172452498604032 N Adding a Pop of colour to your Shower area, a fantastic contrast against the Grey. Product by Novacolor, applied by Renaissance Decor Melbourne
1815 A fantastic Bathroom feature wall. An industrial Concrete look wall.
180605150570 W2f Foto Ambientata Copia Wall2Floor by Novacolor. Creating continuity from floor to wall, even ceiling. Seamless, Modern, warm, sealable.
41324164 263709347601777 9128935713289535488 N Cream Marmorino Bathroom. Natural and Beautiful. Product by Novacolor, applied by Renaissance Decor Melbourne
319 Love this spacious Bathroom and the seamless finish created throughout.
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