Key trends identified from the Surface Design Show London 2019

Overview of The Surface Interest show London 2019
May 5, 2019 Share
Surface Design Show’s resident trend and colour forecaster, Sally Angharad, selected surface design trends to be inspired by in 2019:


Immersive Colour 
Enhancing texture and colour using back-lighting, dichroic effects and recycled acrylic

Lightly Technologies, ADL Plastock, Lucy J Design, Float Glass Design


Embossed, perforated and concave circles bring 3D qualities to surfaces

Wildman & Bugby, Yasmin Kiris, Print Acoustics, B&S Glass


Charred Effects
Ancient craft techniques add intrigue and depth to decorative wall panels creating an iridescent sheen

Innerspace Cheshire, Sterling Studios, Designer Walls, Nordcell


Weathered Metals
Metal becomes a key ingredient across a range of innovative coatings and surfaces. Applications include metal
spray, oxidised effects and powder coatings

Powdertech (Corby), Off the Wall Coverings, Lighting Technologies


Nurturing Walls 
Moss continues to be a key biophilic material to bring people closer to nature

Poppy Pippin, Freund, Innerspace Cheshire


Clay Pinks
Pinks become more earthen in colour, seen in tiles and leathers for interiors

Wildman & Bugby, Structural Skins, Olasol


Marbling Techniques
Expressive colour mixing creates marbled surface decoration as well as forming patterns within recycled materials

Enis Akiev, Tomasz Maker, Hannah Williams


Gilded Patterns
A touch of gold brings warmth and luxury to neutral tones

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