Milan Design Week 2019 – Fuorisalone

Key Interior & Surface Interest trends for 2019 translated from Fuorisalone Milan 2019 Design Show.
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About Fuorisalone Milans Best design show

The annual appointment of Fuorisalone returned this year to Milan for a week full of events, presentations and special projects. “Fuorisalone” is the most important event in the world related to the topic of design.

The Renaissance Decor team based in Melbourne, who are a team of Expert Venetian Plasterers are able to digest the key themes from the Show which relate to ‘Surface Interest’ and present them to you. Please see our over view below.

& Tradition

A trend we have mentioned previously but I am loving the imagery used by designers at the show to translate this Trend. & Tradition is the combination of Old & New, Modern & Traditional and all of a sudden this looks so NEW. The imagery I have added below shows Aged surface interest walls, covered in Venetian Plasters and Textured Decorative Paints, sitting back with new contemporary home furnishings and in some instances newly made furniture in Old styles from the 1950’2 and 60’s. A very clever combination and a dream for home renovators who may not need to re work everything to make it recent or perfect. Fuorisalone show cased Danish Brands 2019 collections which continued the philosophy of merging traditional and contemporary.



This word was used allot to describe new show cased furniture and surface interests.  Furniture companies such as Natuzzi who produce wooden pieces are celebrating using their origins, where they started to look towards the future. Natuzzi has a strong bond with its homeland and its extraordinary resources, they are inspired by this and want to look at Nature with respect and devotion by translating it into organic designs and ethical products.

For surface interest companies such as our partners Novacolor this is music to our ears, having been focused on sustainability, recycling, ethical production for many years now, and also that venetian plaster when applied to walls correctly and respected can last a life time.



With our constant development and research of the environment and world we live in every designer/company had a story, look, colour influenced by Nature. Demonstrating the creatives understanding of preserving our world and bringing it into our home to create warmth, cosiness and love. This stamps authority onto our own ‘Broken Nature’ look which shows eco friendly products being used within our homes to create soft, textured and natural looks on walls which could be a part of the outside world.













Andtradition The Preview Jaime Hayon Milan Design Week 2019 Designboom01 & Tradition - This image shows new contemporary furniture from a Spanish designer Jamie Hayon back with an aged venetian plaster/wall finish and polished concrete floor.
Andtradition The Preview Jaime Hayon Milan Design Week 2019 Designboom06 & Tradition - This image shows the Boomerang chair back with a spindle lamp, again walls finished in plaster which can be re-created using 'Concrete by Novacolor.
Andtradition The Preview Jaime Hayon Milan Design Week 2019 Designboom09 & Tradition - Traditional wall finished which can be re-created by Renaissance decor Melbourne back with the Chamber chair a 1956 style recreated as new.
Natuzzi Ergo Ross Lovegrove Designboom01 Wooden Furniture by Natuzzi Italy
1903160951150 News Broken Nature4 Broken Nature wall finish by Nova color Italy. Can be re-produced by Renaissance Decor Melbourne
1903160951170 News Broken Nature3 Broken Nature wall finish by Nova color Italy. Can be re-produced by Renaissance Decor Melbourne
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