180706132160 Floory
FlooryWater-based acrylic urethane satin finish for cement floors

Single-component finish with low thickness for indoor/outdoor cement floors.The formulation based on acrylic-urethane resins in water dispersion and coloring pigment of high resistance to light and yellowing makes Floory ideal for exhibition rooms, showrooms, waiting rooms, non-industrial warehouses and house garages.

The product is also suitable for painting indoor walls offering good abrasion resistance and mechanical performances, and is easily cleaned. High surface hardness, resistant to abrasions, scratches and repeated trampling, resistant to hot tyres.

Excellent chemical resistance in contact with gasoline, petrol and various solvents. Dirt and grime do not penetrate into the finish which remains intact over time. Excellent surface adhesion. Easy to clean. Fast drying.


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dilute with maximum 20% of water

Spreading capacity

12-15 m²/l for each layer

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