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Tuscania System composed of a matt siloxane glaze for interiors and two metallic wax glazes of gold and silver to be applied over Tuscania Fondo Strutturato

Tuscania Velatura Opaca, Tuscania Velatura a Cera Argento and Tuscania Velatura a Cera Oro are a range of products for the decoration of interior walls. Tuscania Velatura Opaca is an acrylic-siloxane finish made of special charges and additives, able to create a matt and deep effect. Tuscania velatura a Cera Argento and Oro are finishes made of metallic charges and special waxes – gold and silver.

Tuscania is easy to apply and permits both professional applicator and private unprofessional customers to achieve highquality visual and tactile effects that gather together colours, shapes and lights.

Colour range

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ready for use, dilution with max. 5% of water

Spreading capacity

12-18 sqm/l per 2 coats

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