Luce_Wall Painting

Luce Wall Painting
Luce_Wall Painting Decorative coating for interiors with soft metallic patterns

Luce_Wall Painting is a decorative finish for interior with gentle and soft metallic effects; it is made of selected charges which ensure elegant games of lights and shades. The size and type of these metallic charges make Luce_Wall Painting a very elegant and cutting edge decorative finish, non-invasive, perfectly in line with the latest and most stylish trends in Interior Design.

Luce_Wall Painting permits to achieve innovative chromatic solutions and visual and tactile sensations which make the surrounding locations surprisingly in line with the most modern trend of Interior Design. Luce_Wall Painting is an easy-to-apply product and allows both the professionals and the private decorators to easily achieve high-quality effects.

Colour range

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ready to use, max dilution 10%, with water.

Spreading capacity

5-7 sqm/l per 2 coats

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