Metal Coatings

Real Metal Surfaces

Our range of Real Metal Coatings from Lustre FX are of superior quality to anything else on the market.

A system that consists of Real Metal Filings mixed with Specific Liquid Binders to create “Liquid Metal”, allows us to then apply these metals by either trowel or spray application to almost any surface.

This procedure is a great choice for when you want a solid looking metal surface but only lightweight building materials can be used. For example, Entry Doors, Bar tops, Sheet Metals, can all be made from MDF and then we can apply these Real Metals as a Veneer to make them look like a solid metal piece.

Our Range of Real Metals include, Gold, Gold Brass, Bronze, Copper, Iron, and Aluminium.

Any of these metals can be finished smooth, textured or even mixed together and blended on the same piece to create something unique.

We Guarantee Our Work and Provide a Professional and Personalised Service

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